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ADVANTICS is a high-tech R&D company, focusing on development and production of innovative products in the field of high efficiency power conversion and electric mobility. If you want to know what is possible when engineers are not afraid to dream, and challenge the status quo, you came to the right place.

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What Do We Actually Do?

In short, ADVANTICS is a sub-system supplier. Our core competence is what the industry calls hard tech. A high power charging station for electric car will consist of a lot of things - we supply those you typically can't see. For example, in a charging station you would be able to find our power converters - taking the AC power from the grid, making DC, providing isolation, and controlling the power flow to the vehicle. The communication between the vehicle and the charging station would also be supplied by us - our charge controllers handle the latest standards, including V2G protocols.

And since we supply power modules as well as controllers for cars and stations, we truly understand the underlying challenges in the EV technology. ADVANTICS is not some cloud company that happens to make hardware.

Do you want to build a green alternative to a diesel generator? We have the power modules to do all the DC/DC and DC/AC conversions needed. How about fuel cell DC/DCs, rescue vehicles, conversion between different power grid standards? AC and DC microgrids? We got you covered.

Why choose us?

ADVANTICS is here to provide the building blocks that will allow you to focus on your application, get to market quickly, and then provide cost-effective solutions for mass market deployment. Do you need one piece of something to demonstrate a new concept? Sure, we can get you one, as well as help you along the way, to make sure your application will succeed.

Do you need to get a quote for 1000+ power converters and controllers? We have a proven track record at producing thousands of power converters and controllers per month. Not theoretically, but in practice. Our products are optimized for economy of scale, manufacturability and reliability. We've helped over 100 customers already realize their innovations. Let us help you too.


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