• 3 phase input
  • 90MHz Digital Signal Processor TMS320F28069M
  • Built-in Field Oriented Control algorithms
  • Hardware platform combining many standard OEM inverter interfaces

Compatible with

  • Toyota Prius 2nd and 3rd gen inverters
  • Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X rear drive units
  • Nissan Leaf 1st and 2nd gen inverters
  • Chevrolet Volt inverters
  • Smart EV 1st gen drive units


  • CAN bus
  • 3 phase full bridge control signals
  • Resolver and encoder inputs
  • 4 isolated High Voltage inputs (up to 1kV), for bus and phase measurements
  • 4 current sensor inputs • Hardware overcurrent trip protection
  • Digital input, output isolated channels
  • General purpose control and fault signals
  • Emulation of legacy instrumentation clusters (speedo, RPM, temp, fuel)